The Procession to Calvary

October 2019, In this month’s post -

  • My favorite painting.

  • Vicissitudes Installs.

  • New additions to store.

  • Upcoming Events.

My Favorite Painting -

The Procession to Calvary - Pieter Bruegel the Elder 1564.

The Procession to Calvary

The Procession to Calvary

I was recently asked in a radio interview with Kelli Steele on Delmarva Public Radio and Kelli asked me “what is your favorite painting?” I stumbled on the answer during the interview.

As a younger man, I was fortunate enough to travel through Italy, Spain, and much of Europe.  I have seen many of the Western World’s masterpieces firsthand and I have had profound and ethereal experiences in the presence of many works of art.

 In the interview, my answer was vague, I feel I have favorites, not one individual, art can be so many different things.

However, I did mention Bruegel and the image that flashed in my head was “The Procession to Calvary.”

Bruegel marks for me a pivotal shift in the Artworld, the point where the Landscape, the artificial space of a painting, becomes the aesthetic appeal of the painting. The point where religious iconography becomes subservient to the initial appeal of the illusion of space. The illusion of space draws the viewer in to discover the allegory.

Vicissitudes Installs -

In August I installed 25 of my 6x6 images in the Library of the Buena Vista State Conference Estate in New Castle. These paintings will be on display through November.


In August, I was also fortunate to install a grid of my 6x6 images at a private residence in Lewes!


I am looking forward to doing more! Please contact me if you would like a grid installed in your home or business, I have hundreds of these to chose from!

New additions to store -

New Original Paintings have been added to the store.

Upcoming events –

Rehoboth Art League- Salon.
Enjoy an evening at our secluded waterfront home and see how it inspires my abstract work.

I will open my house to ticket bearing guests of the Rehoboth Art League’s October Salon.

Art in the AM – November 6th. My third appearance at this event. Art in the AM involves three parts, “2–3 writers reading work based on the artwork; the display of the artwork along with discussion of the work by the artist; and performance of a musical selection inspired by the artwork.” Come check out this cool event, I love listening to how writers are prompted by my work.

Fallen Tree

Fallen Tree

August 2019, In this month’s post -

  • Fallen tree an indicator of sea level rise.

  • Paintings on display at multiple venues at the beach!

  • Marsden Hartley

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A 3-month-old ain't no joke.

July 2019, In this month’s post:

  • Developing multiple new and existing series.

  • Looking hard at the environmental impact of my process and finding ways to eliminate waste.

  • Summer line-up looks good and I am fortunate to have my work displayed at multiple venues.

  • Reworking my studio schedule with a 3-month-old. A 3-month-old ain’t no joke.

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