Fallen Tree

August 2019, In this month’s post -

  • Fallen tree an indicator of sea level rise.

  • Paintings on display at multiple venues at the beach!

  • Marsden Hartley

July’s big excitement came in the form of a fallen tree.

This large tree fell just feet from our home here on Canary Creek in Lewes. We were fortunate and only suffered some very minimal damage.

Fallen Pine

Fallen Pine

What I saw was one more casualty of climate change and the rising water being experienced by so many of us living in coastal regions throughout the world.

In this case, the tree’s root base had been eroded away by the past years of successively higher tides. From my observations and estimates, we have seen around a half an inch rise in tides in the four years we have lived in our home. Very few pine trees can be knocked down in even the strongest of winds. Normally these trees are broken, not uprooted; snapping at a weak point in the trunk.

Uprooted Pine

Uprooted Pine

In the above image you can see how higher tides and slightly rising salinity has compromised the root base of this tree

As sea levels rise, we are clearly seeing the ramifications. The signs are there if you know what to look for.

News -

Currently I have work on display at multiple venues throughout Sussex County, Delaware.

From my series “Refuse, Reduce, Recycle,” one image is on display at the Rehoboth Art League’s Annual Member’s Fine Art Show through September 1st. https://bit.ly/2yOo4O6

Three more pieces from this series are now on display at CAMP Rehoboth through September 1st. https://bit.ly/2YQw8N4

Teller Wines continues to allow me to hang a series of works at their location in Lewes. A new series for this venue is in process now and I expect to have a special event this fall to coincide with the hanging of this new series.

Also, I will be donating three 6” x 6” Paintings to Camp Arrowhead for their Live and Local event on Sept. 18th 2019. https://bit.ly/2YQNvZX

Artist of the month -

Marsden Hartley.

For August I will be exploring the work of early American modernist Marsden Hartley. I love all of Hartley’s work but I have always been drawn to the sense of place he achieves in his landscape painting.

Maine Mountains, Autumn  (1910)

Maine Mountains, Autumn (1910)