A 3-month-old ain't no joke.

July 2019, In this month’s post:

  • Developing multiple new and existing series.

  • Looking hard at the environmental impact of my process and finding ways to eliminate waste.

  • Summer line-up looks good and I am fortunate to have my work displayed at multiple venues.

  • Reworking my studio schedule with a 3-month-old. A 3-month-old ain’t no joke.

As the year unfolds, I find myself involved in a variety of projects; some new, some old. Hard work in May has paid off and The studio has been cleared out for new work.

I will continue my 6” x 6” series with works on canvas, paper and board.
This series of images will be developed as an experimental outlet, a place to explore new ideas and a functional part of the studio process. The 6” x 6” series will also act as a source of content for my Instagram account.

I will continue my work with re-purposed waste as art.
My current series Refuse, Reduce, Recycle will continue and will continue to be created from recycled plastics generated directly from my studio practice.

I will also resurrect a series from 2005 and create assemblage images based on specific areas of waste retrieval.

Fire Alarm - Collected from Vail, CO Bike Path - Spring of 2005

Fire Alarm - Collected from Vail, CO Bike Path - Spring of 2005

Feels good to have work out, on display, and selling.  

I have new work, on display at the Ventures Gallery, located at the Rehoboth Art League. My solo show, Vicissitudes has had a great response in June and will remain up through July 21st!

I am also part of a traveling group show featuring the awardees of this year’s Delaware Division of the Arts Fellowship Grant. My new series “Refuse, Reduce, Recycle” will be traveling the State throughout the summer as part of this show. These works are featured at the Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover, Delaware through July 21st. The show will then move to the Camp Rehoboth Community Center where it will be displayed from August 3rd - September.

There will also be an opening reception on Saturday, August 3rd from 5-7pm.

Finally, the show will move to Wilmington and the Cab Calloway School for the Fine Arts. An opening reception will coincide with Art Loop Wilmington on Friday September 6th from 5-7pm and the show will remain on display through October 18th.

Aside from that, I will be spending my summer tending to my now 3-month-old child and getting as much studio time as she allows. A 3-month-old ain’t no joke.

Keep an eye out for live studio sessions on the ArtbyGW Facebook page!

Quote from the Studio:

“I think she just puked on that painting.”